General Information

Brand Name
Overall Score
Primary Service Type
Psychics Reading
Popular Subjects
Focus on love, career, spirituality
Greater Houston Area, Texas, USA

Mysticsense is a well-known brand specializing in online psychic readings, offering a variety of services including chat, phone, and video readings. With an impressive overall score of 4.8 out of 5, Mysticsense has earned a reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction.

Popular subjects covered by Mysticsense psychics include love and relationships, career guidance, spiritual readings, and tarot card readings. Founded in 2020, Mysticsense has quickly established itself as a trusted name in the online psychic community. The company is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, USA, allowing it to efficiently manage operations and support its network of psychics and clients.

Mysticsense serves a global clientele, making it easy for individuals from all over the world to access their services through a user-friendly online platform available 24/7.

Services Offered

Psychics Reading
Tarot Reading
Spiritual Reading
Dream Analysis
Past Life Readings
Chakra Balancing
Career Forecasts
Love Psychics

Mysticsense offers a variety of experienced readers to address all kinds of issues. The platform is particularly noted for several types of readings. Tarot readings at Mysticsense provide detailed interpretations of the cards, helping customers gain clarity on various aspects of their lives with unique decks and spreads.

Astrological readings are highly personalized, based on the analysis of an individual’s birth chart and planetary positioning, and include detailed astrological predictions and daily horoscopes. Love and relationship guidance is a strong point at Mysticsense, with psychics advising on and predicting romantic prospects to help users navigate their love lives confidently.

Spiritual guidance sessions help users connect with their inner selves, find tranquility, and understand their future paths, delving into profound and complex aspects of life. Career forecasts offer valuable insights into potential career paths, helping individuals navigate and overcome challenges in their professional lives.

Key Features and User Experience

Psychics Availability
User-friendly UI, mobile app
Communication Chanels
24/7 service
Booking options
Phone, Chat, Video Chat
Psychics Filtering
Multiple languages available

Mysticsense is made with user convenience in mind. It has an intuitive interface, easy navigation, and an optimized search engine. The mobile app, available for Android and IOS, enables users to access readings anytime, replicating the website’s functionality.

One of Mysticsense’s unique features is the 24/7 availability of psychics. Users can find support and guidance regardless of their time zone or intricate schedules. Mysticsense offers a wide range of psychics with various specialties, making it less complex for new users to find the right match.

Mysticsense continuously updates the user interface for a seamless experience. The platform includes interactive tools like astrology charts, energy maps, and tarot card pickers. These tools provide users with additional insights and make receiving readings more engaging and informative.

Compare to Other Brands

Technological and Innovative Features

Mobile App
Yes, for both Android and iOS
Interactive Tools
Matches users with suitable psychics using AI
Psychics Matching Options

Mysticsense powers advanced technology to improve user experience and precision. Their AI-assisted matchmaking feature pairs users with the most suitable psychics based on personal preferences and needs. The mobile app provides users seamless access to psychic readings anywhere, ensuring convenience and flexibility.

Besides, Mysticsense has various interactive tools like energy maps, astrology charts, and tarot card pickers for an immersive experience. The platform improves user experience with up-to-date UI/UX enhancements, delivering smooth navigation and a visually engaging environment.

Customer Support

Customer Support Availability
24/7 global support
Live Chat Response Time
Immediate assistance via website/app
Email Support Response Time
Within 24 hours
Phone Support
Troubleshouting Guides

Mysticsense provides exceptional customer support to ensure users have a satisfactory experience. Their support team is available 24/7 to assist with any questions or issues. Users can access live chat support on the Mysticsense website or mobile app for immediate assistance, ensuring that help is always a click away with real-time solutions to problems.

Email support is also available, with a response time of 24 hours, making it perfect for less urgent questions or detailed issues requiring a comprehensive response. For those who prefer a personal touch, Mysticsense offers phone support with a representative, providing quick solutions for complex issues.

Additionally, the website features a comprehensive FAQ section and troubleshooting guides, offering quick answers to common questions and step-by-step instructions for resolving typical issues.

Expertise and Ethical Practices

Privacy Compliance
Adheres to GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations
Ethical Standards
Follows a strict code of ethics for all services
Security Features
Encryption, data protection protocols, and privacy settings
Pricing Transparency
Clear disclosure of services, fees, and refund policies

Mysticsense boasts many specialties among its psychics, including tarot readings, astrology, love life readings, spiritual guidance, career forecasts, and more. This diversity ensures that users find the right psychic for their needs.

Mysticsense is committed to maintaining high ethical standards and ensuring user privacy. They follow strict guidelines to protect user data and provide transparent information about their services and fees. They also have a structured feedback system to monitor and improve psychic performance continuously.

Pricing and Special Offers

Subscribition price
Starting price per minute
Highest price per minute
Payment Methods
Credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay
First-time Offer
First 3 minutes free
Loyalty Discounts
Rewards and discounts for returning customers
Seasonal Promotions
Special rates during holidays and events
Referal Benefits
Credits or discounts for referring friends
Special Offers
Special access for top-tier package holders

Mysticsense offers several promotions to enhance the user experience. New users receive the first 3 minutes of their initial reading for free and enjoy a 10% discount on their first purchase. Subscribers to top-tier packages gain exclusive access to premium content and services. Returning customers benefit from loyalty rewards and discounts, while special rates and promotions are available during holidays and special events. Additionally, users who refer friends to Mysticsense can earn credits or discounts.

Background and Differentiation

Founder Information
Adam Harel (technology and business background), Emma Freeth (experienced tarot reader and mystic)
Distinctive features
Not specified
Special Offers
Free online tarot reading tools, daily horoscopes, educational articles, 24/7 availability

Mysticsense is a relatively fresh company founded in 2020 by Adam Harel and Emma Freeth. With a technological and business background, Harel had a view on creating an affordable and user-friendly platform for psychic readings. On the other hand, Freeth has decades of experience in tarot and mysticism. The combination of both created Mysticsense to be comprehensive, ethical, and convenient.

User Reviews and Testimonials

Showcasing real experiences is vital for building a brand’s credibility. Here are some selected reviews from Mysticsense users:

John D.: “Mysticsense is a life-changer for me. The psychics are incredibly insightful and have helped me through some tough times. The platform is easy to use, and I love that I can get a reading anytime I need one.”

Maria S.: “I was skeptical about online psychic readings, but Mysticsense exceeded my expectations. The readings are accurate, and the psychics are very compassionate. Highly recommend!”

Laura K.: “The variety of readings available on Mysticsense is impressive. I’ve tried tarot, astrology, and love readings, and all have provided valuable insights. The site is user-friendly, and the customer service is excellent.”

These opinions highlight the positive experiences of Mysticsense users, further proving the company’s reputation as a reliable and compassionate business. 

  • 24/7 Availability: Access psychics anytime, making it convenient for users worldwide.
  • Variety of Services: Wide range of reading types, including tarot, astrology, and love life readings.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy navigation and a well-designed mobile app.
  • Affordable Pricing: Competitive rates with several discounts and special offers.
  • Ethical Standards: Strong commitment to ethical practices and user privacy.
  • Inconsistent Quality: Some users aren’t fully satisfied with different psychics, highlighting the importance of choosing the right advisor.
  • Lack of Video Chats: Currently, video chat options are unavailable, which may be a drawback for some users who prefer face-to-face interaction.

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How do I find the right psychic for me?
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Mysticsense is a top-notch platform for online psychic readings, offering a wide range of services to meet various user needs. With its cutting-edge technology, ethical standards, and comprehensive support, Mysticsense ensures a reliable and high-quality experience for those in search of spiritual guidance.

The platform’s dedication to affordability and user satisfaction makes it accessible and attractive to a diverse audience. Whether you’re seeking insights into your love life, career, or spiritual journey, Mysticsense offers a reliable and enriching space to explore these aspects.