List of insightful questions to ask during psychic readings

Welcome to an in-depth guide on how to prepare for your spiritual reading! Here, you’ll find answers to essential questions: what awaits, which questions to ask, and how to get maximum from your encounter with a psychic.

What to anticipate

Psychic readings are a great way to get answers via contacting the immaterial world. When facing difficult decisions, you should look deeper into the situation. That’s why these sessions, led by tellers with extraordinary instinctive abilities, aim to give you answers and practical bits of advice and illuminate paths for personal growth.
Whether you are curious about your future, missing your passed-away loved ones, or simply looking for direction in your present circumstances, a psychic reading can be a good starting point for transformation.

Types of readings

Psychic readings come in different forms. The diversity is mind-blowing and sometimes even overwhelming for some people. However, choosing the right expert is not as complicated as you think. Here’s a brief overview of the most requested readings:

  • Tarot: tarot or arcana is a type of reading which utilizes a symbolic deck of cards. Each one has an imagery that holds a sacred meaning. A tarot reader draws a certain amount of cards and, based on the symbolism of the picked combination, gives you a complete story about your life’s journey.
  • Astrology: Astrologers analyze your birth chart, the alignment of constellations and planets, and the influences of stars on your personality and future decisions. The forecasts are perfect for those who want to know the causation of life’s events and the right time to make changes.
  • Mediumship: Mediums assist as a communication bridge between you and your passed-away loved ones. The connection between the deceased benefits those seeking comfort and closure, delivering messages of support, love, and guidance.
  • Spiritual readings: Spiritualism focuses on improving your connection with your higher self and the universe. Spiritualists often use meditation, energy cleansing, and intuitive guidance to align your incorporeal path.

Aside from the mentioned practices, there are many other, more specialized offers. Lots of online psychic services will gladly help you with even the most narrow request.

How to prepare for the reading

A little mental preparation before starting your reading goes a long way. Being open and honest with your psychic is crucial for a compelling insight. Get ready for your session by following these steps:

Determine goals

Knowing what you want to get from your reading is essential. Start by asking yourself which areas of your life you want to explore. Is it love life, career, or family matters? Do you have specific questions, or do you require general advice? Setting your intentions clear will help you and your psychic connect your energies to get the most out of your guidance.

Maintain a positive mindset

As mentioned, keeping an open mind and inner calamity is crucial for a compelling reading. To prepare yourself before your encounter with a psychic, implement these tips:

  • Relax: unwind before your session. Practice deep breathing, meditation, or anything to free your mind from everyday disturbances.
  • Be open: leave your skepticism behind and be open to whatever message comes through. You may have different expectations for your reading, but it could be exactly what you need.
  • Stay present: be fully present during the reading. Turn off distractions and focus on the interaction with the psychic to fully absorb the information.

Choose the right psychic

The “Teamwork makes dream work” rule applies to your spiritual guidance, too! That’s why choosing a suitable psychic to work with is so crucial. Check the ratings and reviews from the experts in the field and casual customers.

Make sure that the teller you choose specializes in all the areas in which you need guidance. Some online psychic services offer AI matchmaking tools to ease the process of picking. But the most important would be to listen to your intuition. Do you resonate spiritually and mentally with the reader? If the answer is yes, then go on with your session.

Questions to Psychics: tarot cards

What to ask

Questions for psychics should be thought of beforehand. Depending on the area in life you’d like guidance on, the advice you want to receive, and the reading you will be using, the queries should be formed accordingly. If you still can’t think of anything to ask, here’s the list of fundamental questions sorted by the most popular categories:

Romantic relationships:

  • What can I do to attract my soulmate?
  • How can I improve my current relationship?
  • Is there someone from my past with whom I need to resolve issues?

Career and Finances:

  • What career path is best suited for me?
  • How can I improve my financial situation?
  • Are there any upcoming opportunities I should be aware of?

Personal Growth:

  • What is my life purpose?
  • How can I enhance my spiritual growth?
  • What past life experiences are influencing my current life?

Physical well-being:

  • What can I do to improve my health?
  • Are there any spiritual practices that would benefit my well-being?

Family and Friends:

  • How can I improve my relationship with my family?
  • Is there someone I need to forgive or seek forgiveness from?

Specific questions

If you’re looking for answers from specific specialists, here’s the list of unique questions.
Tarot Readings:

  • What do I need to know about my current situation?
  • What obstacles do I need to be aware of?

Astrology Readings:

  • How do the current planetary positions affect my life?
  • What does my birth chart say about my personality and destiny?

Medium Readings:

  • Do any deceased loved ones have messages for me?
  • How can I find closure with a loved one who has passed?

Tips for effective questioning

Framing questions in a specific manner can significantly improve your insights. Keep in mind these rules and apply them before your next readings:

Be specific

Don’t ask vague questions. Instead, opt for specificity in time, area of life, and aspect you’re most curious about. For example, “How does my future look?” lacks the precision. It’s the type of question that will get you nowhere because a psychic wouldn’t be able to give you answers.

Try “What can I do to improve my career/love life in the next six months?” That way, you’ll get practical advice.

Ask open-ended questions

When engaging in meaningful readings and seeking comprehensive insights and responses, it is advisable to pose open-ended questions. These types of questions, which typically begin with words like “how,” “what,” and “describe,” prompt more elaborate discussions and encourage detailed responses.

If you are unsure if your question is open-ended, ask yourself, “Can a psychic answer it with yes or no?”. If it cannot be answered binary, then the question you are about to ask is suitable for spiritual reading.

Avoid yes/no questions

Experts are stressing the importance of avoiding yes/no questions. It may seem like you are being straightforward and particular. However, it would be best to let your reading flow and not restrict it to a binary answer box.

Open the door for richer conversation and be open with your reader. For example, instead of asking, “Will I find the love of my life soon?” consider, “What steps can I take to attract the love of my life this year?”

psychics reading candles

Reading’s aftermath

After reading, it’s important to take some time to reflect on what you’ve read. Avoid rushing back into your everyday life or immediately trying to implement any advice you may have received from a psychic. Give yourself the space to absorb and process the information before taking any action.

Action Steps

After reflecting on the received insight, create an action plan. It’s essential to make it physical and visible: write down steps on paper and hang it on the wall. Monitor the progress by ticking things you’ve already done. Stay motivated, as changes may come sooner or later if you’re flexible and open-minded.

Follow-up Readings

If life gives you more lemons, let the psychic help you make more lemonade! Challenges can arise at unexpected times, making it essential to regularly engage in spiritual self-reflection and introspection to maintain inner balance and well-being. Moreover, fresh insights will deepen your knowledge about the future; with that information, you can succeed at any undertaking.


In conclusion, your preparation for the spiritual reading directly influences the quality of your insight. Each insightful question you ask allows your psychic to enhance the outcomes of your meeting.

Remember to cooperate with the reader, as you are both interested in improving your future. Clear intentions, a positive mindset, open-ended questions, and other simple steps mentioned above will unlock your path of personal growth.

Now, we’d love to hear from you! Share your experiences and pro tips, or ask any additional questions. Your story may help someone start their spiritual journey with confidence and understanding.

Your engagement builds a trustworthy spiritual community and provides a safe environment for those seeking guidance and psychical enlightenment.